Betty Is Ready to Make Our County Work Better for Us On:

Improving County Services

Betty is ready to make county services better and more easily accessible for everyone...

Betty knows the difference county services can make because her family relied on them when she was growing up. That’s why she will continue to be an effective leader for improving county government services, and helping people before they are in crisis.

Betty led the effort to establish the Vietnamese American Service Center to give local community members the help they need in one place – mental health services, dental treatments, medical checkups and more. She also created the County’s Language Access Policy to ensure families like hers can access the services they need.

As Santa Clara County Supervisor, Betty will continue to lead efforts to solve the county’s short staffing and recruit more workers so that we can access the services we need faster and easier.

Making Our Neighborhoods Safer

Betty is ready to make our community safer by investing in public safety and early intervention programs so that we can address the causes of crime...

Betty believes everyone deserves to feel safe in their neighborhood. As our Santa Clara County Supervisor, she will push for a comprehensive public safety strategy to improve community safety, reduce property crime and stop hate crimes.

Betty knows firsthand from her work at the county and in the public defender's office that we need to do everything we can to help people before they enter the criminal justice system by addressing the root causes of crime. Thats why she will push for programs that address the issues of mental health, food and housing - which we know contribute to crime. She will also support increased investments in programs that help support formerly incarcerated residents and at-risk youth. She supports addressing the issue of public safety through proven diversion and rehabilitation programs, so our community can feel safe.

Betty will also fight to ensure that victims of crime will have the support they need to move past any trauma they may have after a crime occurs and help them regain their lives.

Creating More Housing Opportunities

Betty is ready to create more housing opportunities for our neighborhoods so families can stay and thrive in Santa Clara County...

Betty was born and raised in San Jose and has seen the increasing housing costs force many people to leave the area, away from friends and family. That’s one of the reasons she led the effort to pass a countywide housing bond measure that created $950 million for affordable housing development and has resulted in over 4,300 new units of housing. She is determined to continue working to find more affordable housing solutions, so people can live and raise families in the communities they grew up in.

Betty knows that our district has done more than any other to address the homelessness crisis by creating safe parking sites and building shelters. As Santa Clara County Supervisor, she will focus her housing work on creating more housing opportunities throughout the county, to serve families, students, seniors and public employees. She will also find opportunities to create more affordable housing for people in our neighborhoods to stay here.

Tackling Our Mental Health Crisis

Betty is ready to take on the root causes of drug addiction, homelessness and crime by tackling our mental health crisis – giving residents the support they need before it's too late...

Betty knows that we need to do more to help people get the services they need before they become homeless or end up in our criminal justice system. With that in mind, she ensured the new Vietnamese American Service Center provided same-day mental health services and meals for those in need. As our next Santa Clara County Supervisor, she will continue to direct county resources towards school services that support students and families that are housing insecure, so we can help them before they become homeless.

Betty will increase investments in behavioral health services so everyone can get help when needed and not have to wait months to see a medical professional.